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Business As Usual at IntegrityLink



We are celebrating our 7th Anniversary!

Thank you to all businesses and consumers of WINDSOR, ESSEX AND KENT COUNTIES, for supporting us through the years.

Why Has Our Name Changed?

 (originally written in September 2011)

WINDSOR AND ESSEX AND KENT COUNTIES, ON - Washington has taken over the Canadian BBB system. Canadian BBBs did not get to vote on this. It was presented as a fait accompli.

A number of Canadian BBBs who have consistently argued against American governance were “not accepted” by Washington. Windsor was one of the BBBs who argued for a Canadian system. So too, were the Hamilton BBB, the Quebec BBB and the Newfoundland BBB. Washington did not accept them either. Three other Canadian BBB’s, Regina, Winnipeg and Nova Scotia were put on probation at that time and we are not aware of their current status.

Windsor was incorporated in 1975. This local office is 36 years old. We will continue to service the public at this site, located in Windsor. Companies who supported this local office continue to be Members here. As always, we encourage the public to do business with our Members.

Whether these companies wish to, instead, send their money to London or Washington is a  decision they will have to make. The Windsor office will always have much better information on the local marketplace, compared an office located 165 km down Highway 401.

However, because of the politics, we are changing our name to Integritylink and our website is We will provide all the same services we always have.   Nothing has changed for us (other than the name and logo).  We have the files on the local businesses, and we know the local marketplace. However please note that the London BBB does not have an office in Windsor to deal with Consumer Complaints. The office in London has a sales office in Windsor to sell BBB memberships in our area.

It is 2018 and we are still going strong!