Consumer Tips


Tips on Refunds and Exchanges

Most consumers believe they have a legal right to a refund. The law does not agree.



IntegrityLink provides the following IntegrityLink Tips to both safeguard and educate the public with regard to selling gold.


Work at Home

Now is the time that many families or individuals are looking for ways to supplement their income. Most "work-at-home" schemes end up costing you money.


Tips on Joining the Gym

Complaints to IntegrityLink reveal how to get fit while avoiding the pitfalls


Tips on Understanding Your Credit Report

A credit report is a record of your financial behavior. It contains identifying information about you and indicates how responsibly you have used credit and met your financial obligations. Credit reports are prepared by credit reporting agencies, or credit bureaus, based on information voluntarily supplied by financial institutions, mortgage companies, credit card issuers and other lenders. Credit bureaus also gather information from local courthouses and public records concerning tax liens, foreclosures, bankruptcies and other credit-related matters.


Tips on Energy Marketing

As a result of deregulation in the natural gas and electricity industries, consumers can now choose which company they wish to purchase either energy source from. Licenses have been issued to both industries to act as retailers selling both gas and electricity and in many cases the companies will offer both. Consumers can therefore choose to purchase from one of these licensed retailers or to stay with their local utility.