Tips for Businesses


Tips on Driveways

A poorly designed and constructed driveway that begins to crack and crumble after its first winter is far more expensive than a well-constructed driveway which costs a little more to start with but remains solid and attractive for many years with minimum upkeep.


Tips on Energy Marketing

As a result of deregulation in the natural gas and electricity industries, consumers can now choose which company they wish to purchase either energy source from. Licenses have been issued to both industries to act as retailers selling both gas and electricity and in many cases the companies will offer both. Consumers can therefore choose to purchase from one of these licensed retailers or to stay with their local utility.


Guidelines for Business Giving

Professional fundraisers are sometimes hired by charities to produce traveling circuses or variety shows as special fund-raising events.


Phony Invoice Schemes- Business Directory

IntegrityLink warns businesses to watch for phoney invoices from companies requesting payment for a “listing” in a business directory.


Collecting Payments Due

When your business provides a product or service to a customer or client you expect to get paid. Most businesses have struggled at one time or another to get paid for their work. If you are a small company, not getting paid for your services could be particularly detrimental to your business.