1.                  Be in business for a minimum of 12 months.

2.                  Have a satisfactory record of performance according to IntegrityLink files.

3.                  The company is not the subject of any government action.

4.                  Must be located in Essex/Kent County.

5.                  Meet personally with IntegrityLink staff.

6.                  Be approved by two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors.

7.                  Abide by the IntegrityLink Code of Ethics




1.                  To serve the public with honest values.

2.                  To be truthful regarding goods and service rendered.

3.                  To honour guarantees offered.

4.                  To strive to ensure that the normal use of merchandise or services offered will not be hazardous to public health.

5.                  To advertise and sell merchandise or services on their merit.

6.                  To avoid all devices and schemes which prey upon human ignorance and gullibility.

7.                  To refrain from the use of unethical business practices.

8.                  To be sympathetic with the complaints and criticisms of the buying public.

9.                  To maintain a healthy business environment by reinforcing mutual respect and openness between customer and seller.

10.              To encourage communication and cooperation among IntegrityLink members.