IntegrityLink Accredited Member Benefits & Programs


  • Free membership in MyWclub® Canada
  • Free Online IntegrityLink Seal links to your Company Report on the IntegrityLink site.
  • Report to public that your company is an IntegrityLink Accredited Member
  • Conciliation, mediation, and arbitration services.
  • Special rates for Business Insurance through Windsor-based Contact 1-800-679-2640
  • Life & Group Benefits through our Agent of Record, The Benefits Company, regardless of number of employees
  • "Accredited Members Only" Unlisted phone number for prompt service


IntegrityLink Reliability Reports:

IntegrityLink of Windsor & Southwestern Ontario receives an average of 26,000 telephone calls and 48,000 internet users each year from consumers requesting information before doing business with a particular firm. Anyone can telephone or use the IntegrityLink website for a company reliability report. Information given to users is based upon the IntegrityLink record of a company. An IntegrityLink Reliability Report is a summary of the performance of the company as reflected in the IntegrityLink files, supplemented by special IntegrityLink investigations, if needed.

Complaints Conciliation:

Before someone files a formal complaint with IntegrityLink, we urge them to resolve the problem directly with the company. In many cases, the matter can be quickly settled by giving the company the opportunity to resolve the issue. If the business owner or consumer remains dissatisfied, he or she may submit the complaint to IntegrityLink in writing.

When a written complaint is received, IntegrityLink sends it to the company concerned for its review and reply. In most instances, the matter is satisfactorily resolved and the complainant is informed of the settlement.

However, if the firm does not cooperate, or fails to resolve a complaint, the complainant is informed and the fact is noted in the firm’s file. In some instances, the complaint is referred to IntegrityLink’s mediation program.


Mediation is a program administered by IntegrityLink as a bridge between complaint resolution and binding arbitration. Mediation has proven to be a successful format for dispute resolution. IntegrityLink makes every attempt to schedule the meeting in a short time frame. Mediation may be done through our organization or the University of Windsor Mediation Center.

Advertising Review:

IntegrityLink reviews numerous sources of advertisements (newspaper, TV, Internet, and radio to be sure advertisers are in compliance with the IntegrityLink Code of Advertising. We receive complaints of unfair ads from both competitors and consumers. We review all complaints and, if within our purview, contact the advertiser and ask for substantiation, modification, or discontinuation of the ad, so that it meets the ethical standards of IntegrityLink.

Educating the Consumer:

The best way for the buyer/consumer to protect themselves is to become better informed and to develop sound buying habits. As an aid, IntegrityLink is engaged in a continuous information program – speaking to business organizations, civic groups, and schools; appearing on radio and TV talk shows;  This information can help buyers make wise decisions in the marketplace and reduce complaints.


When scams and schemes are uncovered, IntegrityLink will investigate those which occur in our service area. Information discovered is then given to the appropriate enforcement agencies.