We have rebranded!

Same Service – New Name

With some creative rebranding, we will now be known as IntegrityLink. Our members and the community won't notice any difference in terms of the reliability reports, exposure of scams, and protection that we have provided on behalf of both businesses and consumers for the last 36 years.

Previously having received over 26,000 calls a year from consumers inquiring about businesses, IntegrityLink will continue to provide reliability reports and handle written complaints. Windsor/Essex County and Chatham/ Kent County new IntegrityLink is also looking to expand its services in support of local businesses. One such service will come from our new agreement with MyWclub® Canada.

Our new service with MyWclub® Canada is a new online service that enables consumers to submit requests for any product or service they need and have them sent directly to businesses within our community. This provides consumers with the best option for a particular service.

It is “business as usual” with IntegrityLink. Most importantly, IntegrityLink is locally governed, managed and staffed and all money raised in our community stays in our community.